Minneapolis cops charge Taylor Schulz with suspected murder of store clerk Robert Skafte with a golf club

Mugshot of Taylor Schulz
Taylor Schulz is facing a lengthy sentence if found guilty of killing Robert Skafte. Pic credit: Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office

The cops in Minneapolis, Minnesota, have charged Taylor Justin Schulz with the suspected murder of beloved grocery store clerk Robert Skafte, who was beaten and stabbed to death last week.

On Monday, the police confirmed that 44-year-old Schulz was officially charged with second-degree murder after he beat and stabbed 66-year-old Skafte with the shaft of a golf club on December 8.

According to the police, at about 1 p.m., Schulz entered the Oak Street Grocery store across the street from his high-rise apartment and collected several items for purchase.

However, rather than paying for his items, he attacked Skafte, who was working behind the counter.

Schulz is accused of walking behind the counter and punching and kneeing his victim. He then allegedly grabbed a golf club to beat his victim. When the club broke, he used it to impale Skafte through the torso.

The gruesome murder was reportedly caught on the store’s surveillance footage.

The alleged killer then fled the scene but was spotted by witnesses going into his apartment building with blood on his face.

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Oak Grove Grocery store clerk Robert Skafte impaled with a golf club by suspect Taylor Schulz

A customer found Skafte lying on the floor in a pool of blood a minute later. Despite the best efforts of first responders, he was pronounced dead at a hospital a short time later.

The police, accompanied by a SWAT team, a drone unit, and the bomb squad, entered into a six-hour negotiation with Schulz until he finally agreed to give himself up.

If found guilty of murder, Schulz will face a sentence of 40 years. The police have not revealed a motive, but a second-degree murder charge indicates they do not believe the crime was premeditated.

The cops said neighbors of Schulz had previously reported him for assault. He is reportedly facing an eviction notice.

Robert Skafte was beloved former ballet dancer before suspected murder by Taylor Schulz

According to witnesses, Skafte had been a long-term feature at the grocery store and was well-known and well-liked within the community.

A friend of Skafte, Jon Tevlin, described him as “the neighborhood ambassador.” He also spoke of his confusion about why anyone would attack his friend: “The irony here is that he was the gentlest person I’d ever met. Just a sweetheart… [He was] the most peaceful person you could ever meet.”

Skafte had been a ballet dancer and former member of the Kansas City Ballet. He was reportedly involved in community groups and organized a neighborhood garden project.

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