Michele Whitaker is Gone for six years and then a phone call reveals all

This week Gone looks at the case of Michele Whitaker, who went missing for over six years!

August 16, 2002, at Truck Stops of America in Spartanburg and 32-year-old Michelle Whitaker goes missing.

Her family are distraught and police launch an investigation into whether foul play was at work in her disappearance.

Shelli, as she was known to friends, had quite a difficult like with a poorly paid job and a drug problem. She’d also recently been arrested for DUI and had fought with her mother over it. What go police suspicious that she’d not just upped sticks was the fact that she’d been dropped off the truck stop, places where predatory killers have often lurked in other cases.

A person of interest was Jonothan Vick, a man who was found guilty in 2006 of murdering Dana Satterfield back in 1995.

However, the case pretty much went cold and even the family’s huge effort to find any information on Michele came to nothing.

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Then in 2008, after Shelli’s case appeared on a TV show, police got a call to say that she was actually alive and well!

Turns out the 38-year-old was safe and well, with her neighbor having recognised her photo on the missing persons TV show.

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