Mary Ann Hughes hid her murder of husband Larry Hughes for 29 years: Living A Nightmare investigates

Mugshot of Mary Ann Hughes
Mary Ann Hughes pleaded guilty to manslaughter 29 years after murdering her husband, Larry Hughes. Pic credit: Giles County Jail

Living A Nightmare on ID is in Pulaski, Tennesse, investigating the 1990 murder of Larry Hughes in the rural Giles County. His murder remained a mystery for 29 years, until his wife, Mary Ann Hughes, finally admitted to being the killer.

On March 28, 1990, Mary Ann Hughes reported that her husband Larry was missing, which instigated a search for the cattle farmer and hardware store owner.

Larry’s remains were discovered 16 days after he was reported missing; he was found naked in a landfill with two bullet holes in the back of his head.

The case remained a mystery and quickly grew cold until it was reopened in 2014 with Larry’s wife Mary Ann as the main suspect.

Mary Ann sold the house where she’d been living with Larry, and when the new owners pulled up the carpet, they discovered a blood-stained circle underneath. The cops concluded that this was where Larry had been shot and killed.

DNA evidence helped put Mary Ann Hughes away for murder

They searched the house once more for any DNA evidence. The next step for investigators involved exhuming Larry’s body so that they could create a DNA profile.

The police decided that they then had enough to charge Mary Ann with murder, and she was arrested. An eyewitness had also testified that they had seen Larry’s wife cleaning a blood-stained mattress just a few days after the disappearance.

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Mary Ann was still living with her brother in Giles County, and the police believe he may have helped her move the body and cover up the crime.

In August 2019, 29 years after Larry had been murdered, Mary Ann Hughes eventually agreed to plead guilty to the charge of voluntary manslaughter, thereby finally giving justice to Larry’s family and loved ones.

The 72-year-old Mary received a sentence of ten years.

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Living A Nightmare airs at 10/9c on Investigation Discovery.

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