Martha Wever was murdered by Ralph Penrod for the sake of a few dollars a month

Martha Wever lived with her childhood friend after her husband past away, but he murdered her out greed – Who Killed Jane Doe? examines the case.

April 22, 2013, in Sumter Country, Fla., and two young men were out looking for a wallet they’d lost whilst driving ATVs down a local off-road trail. Instead of the wallet they came across the skeletal remains of a woman, who’d been shot dead.

Initially police were unable to identify the woman who the remains belonged to, but modern technology helped to create an image of what she might have looked like. A local anthropologist was able to make some 3-D scans of the woman’s skull and from there they were able to create a sketch of what she might have looked like when she was alive.

The sketch of the Jane Doe was circulated across several states and nine months later detectives in Kentucky matched up the image with a missing persons case they were investigating.

The woman was 56-year-old Martha Wever and detectives soon focussed on the man she was living with when she went missing, 62-year-old Ralph Harold Penrod. The pair were old friends rather than a couple, but he’d continued to collect her deceased husband’s pension checks for months.

They’d known each other since high school and Wever had moved in with Penrod after the death of her husband. He’d told her they were going to move to Florida to be closer to her family, but in actual fact he wanted to get back with his ex-wife.

This led him to shooting Wever three times in the back of the head and then dumping her body on the remote trail.

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In 2016 a jury found Penrod guilty of second-degree murder and he was sentenced to life in prison.

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