Married with Secrets features rape and attempted murder of Jennifer Schuett by Dennis Bradford

This week Married with Secrets features the story of Arkansas couple Lisa and Dennis Bradford, who have a seemingly perfect marriage until cops turn up at their door one day.

The law enforcement officers were there to arrest Dennis for a terrible crime that was committed 19 years earlier,  the kidnap and rape of eight-year-old Jennifer Schuett.

In 1990 Schuett was abducted through her bedroom window around 2 a.m. in the morning and driven to an empty field, her attacker choking her on the way. She was then assaulted and her throat was cut, with her kidnapper then dumping her body on a fire ant mound and leaving her to die.

However, she survived the ordeal and was found by some local children. Some evidence was found at the scene in the shape of some clothes left behind by the attacker but the case soon went cold.

Investigators refused to give up though and years later the evidence was retested and this time there was a match on the DNA.  radford had previously been arrested for kidnapping a woman back in 1997 and his DNA was in the system, he only severed four years of a 12 year sentence for the kidnapping.

Bradford killed himself in prison before his trial began, resulting in Schuett posting online: “I am shocked and disappointed at the news of Bradford resorting to suicide, as I looked forward to facing him in the courtroom this fall, and now feel as though I was robbed of that opportunity.”

Married with Secrets airs on Fridays at 9:00 PM on Investigation Discovery.

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