Married couple Sidney and Tammy Moorer were convicted of kidnapping Heather Elvis

Mugshots of Sidney and Tammy Moorer
Despite no remains being found, Sidney and Tammy Moorer were convicted of kidnapping Heather Elvis. Pic credit: J. Reuben Long Detention Center

This week Investigation Discovery looks at the case of Heather Elvis, who was last seen or heard from on December 18, 2013. Officers later discovered her abandoned car at a boat landing near Myrtle Beach, SC., but her remains have never been found.

After two frustrating months, investigators had still not come up with any solid leads. But there was a breakthrough when Elvis’s father checked her cellphone records and discovered she’d had numerous interactions with one phone number just before she disappeared. This number belonged to Sidney Moorer.

Sidney Moorer was a married man, who investigators now believe was having an affair with the much younger Heather Elvis. Investigators also believe Sidney, along with his wife Tammy Moorer, kidnapped and murdered Elvis.

Tammy claimed that she didn’t mind if Elvis and her husband were having an affair as the couple allegedly had an open marriage. She said she’d had multiple boyfriends and didn’t care if Sidney had had sex with 100 people.

However, this contrasted with a text message Tammy had sent a friend around the time of Elvis’s disappearance when she wrote: “I do not love him. He betrayed me, and I will never ever forgive or forget it. Trust me; there’s zero love on my end.”

She followed up with another text which read: “I just had someone cheat on me that I thought was my soulmate. You never know who will screw you over in life. I felt totally betrayed. I’m better off without the liar.”

Footage proved Sidney Moorer had contacted Heather Elvis

Surveillance footage proved Sidney had called Elvis from a phonebox on the day she vanished. Elvis’s records show she telephoned Sidney back nine times.

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The phone records further proved that Sidney was the last person to be in contact with Elvis before she vanished.

The couple was initially arrested on charges of two counts of indecent exposure and one count of obstruction of justice. When the police deemed that the couple were unable to explain Elvis’s disappearance, they charged them with kidnapping.

In October 2018, Tammy Moorer was found guilty of kidnapping and was sentenced to 30-years in prison. In September of the following year, Sidney Moorer was also found guilty of kidnapping and conspiracy to commit kidnapping and was also sentenced to 30 years.

Sidney has continued to maintain his innocence, after sentencing, he said, “If I could give them closure, I would. I have children of my own. I get it. There’s just nothing I can give them.”

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3 years ago

It sucks they only got 30 years since they’ll be out of prison in their 70s. They should have gotten life or the death sentence. Maybe death sentence because we all know they delayed that for about 20 years so these evil wicked people can think long about what they did behind bars before ultimately having their lives taken from them. These two white trash people are not smart and apparently the police that investigated this case are just as dumb. There’s no way they didn’t leave more evidence behind other than threatening text messages. They were the last people to contact Heather. Heather made a huge mistake getting involved with these two psychos. Also, why were they even allowed to move to Florida out of state? Heather got involved with two ugly souls inside and out. She lost her life over it. I bet you these two losers refuse to take a lie detector test. It’s because they will get caught in all types of lies. And if they asked certain questions they would be able to find the location of Heather’s body so her family could have a proper funeral.

2 years ago

Tammy has the meanest eyes I’ve ever seen except for one woman, whom I won’t name.

2 years ago

The id discovery epiusodes were enraging. There’s no body, no weapon, no clear video, nothing.
The prosecutor even used the snowwhite story to attack the accused woman.
What a travesty of justice.

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