Marquisha Williams found: Remains discovered in Illinois as boyfriend, Trenton Ivy, charged with murder

Close up snap of Marquisha Williams used on missing poster
Marquisha Williams is believed to have been murdered four days before Christmas. Pic credit: Family pic

The Illinois State Police have located the remains of Marquisha Williams, who has been missing from her home in St. Louis County, Missouri, since a few days before Christmas.

Her boyfriend, Trenton Ivy, was arrested a couple of days after Marquisha’s disappearance in Racine, Wisconsin, on an unrelated charge. He has since been charged with her murder.

A mother of four, 29-year-old Marquisha, was reported missing by her family on December 20. She was last seen with Ivy in north St. Louis.

The suspect, Trenton Ivy, was arrested on December 22 and later allegedly admitted to Wisconsin detectives that he had killed Marquisha during an argument.

Marquisha’s family has spent the last couple of weeks searching for her, scouring areas in St. Louis County and across the state line in Illinois. They had focused their search on alleyways, abandoned buildings, parks, and other secluded places.

Marquisha Williams remains discovered near Chicago after Trenton Ivy found in Wisconsin

However, the search came to an end on Thursday when the Illinois State Police announced they’d discovered Marquisha’s remains in northern Illinois near Chicago. The police have not released any further details on the condition or exact location of the body.

Mugshot of Trenton Ivy
Trenton Ivy is facing charges of first-degree murder in the death of Marquisha Williams. Pic credit: Racine County Sheriff’s Office

The victim’s family has expressed their relief that they can now have a proper funeral for their loved one. Marquisha’s aunt, Sandy Bagle, told the press, “I’m glad that she was found, and we can now put her to rest, and we can give her the proper service that she deserves.”

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Pam Taylor, another aunt, expressed similar sentiments and added that she was glad Ivy is now behind bars. She explained, “As far as I know, Ivy had some relatives in Chicago. I’m just glad he is in jail. I want him to pay for what he did. We plan to tell my niece’s children the tragic news.”

The St. Louis County Police Department announced on Wednesday that they charged Trenton Ivy with first-degree murder on December 23.

Trenton Ivy and Marquisha Williams allegedly had altercation that led to murder

Ivy was driving Marquisha’s 2020 Jeep Compass when he was arrested in Wisconsin. A search of the vehicle revealed blood and biological material along with items belonging to Marquisha.

According to the cops, the suspect finally admitted to the murder while being questioned. He reportedly told detectives he’d had a physical altercation with Marquisha during an argument that led to her death. He then told them he’d disposed of the body in an unknown location.

The police are still working on extraditing Ivy back to St. Louis County.

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