Former stripper Marjorie Orbin shot her husband Jay and cut up his body with a jigsaw – Betrayed

In a gruesome murder Jay Orbin’s torso was found in the Arizona desert and his murderer proved to be very close to home, Betrayed spotlights the case.

44-year-old Jay Orbin was a self-made man and a successful jewelry and art dealer, who lived in Phoenix, Arizona.

On September 8, 2004, Orbin travelled home from Florida and that was the last time anybody saw him alive again. A few weeks later his wife and former Las Vegas stripper, 43-year-old wife Marjorie Orbin, reported him missing and on October 23 a torso was found in a plastic box in the outskirts of the city.

In December police arrested Marjorie and charged her with first-degree murder, her use of Orbin’s credit cards leading detectives to investigate her as a suspect.

Detectives believe that Marjorie shot Orbin dead when he returned from his business trip and then proceed to freeze his body before using a jigsaw to cut it up. They discovered she was having several affairs and had huge debts, with police believing she hoped to gain financially from Orbin’s death.

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A long trial lasting months saw Marjorie convicted of murder and she was given a life sentence by the court. She had claimed that her former lover, Larry Weisberg, had committed the crime but he made a deal for immunity and testified against her.

The rest of Orbin’s body has never been found.

Betrayed – Life and Limb airs at 3:00 PM on Investigation Discovery.

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