Margarita Scott was murdered by her drug dealing lover Anthony Pratt Jr.

Police tape
Margarita Fisenko Scott was murdered by her lover in Portland, Maine, in November 2012. Her body remained undiscovered until it was found by her estranged husband in an SUV in a motel parking lot two months later.

Scott’s lover was 19-year-old New York drug dealer Anthony Pratt Jr, and he shot the 29-year-old as she babysat at a friend’s apartment.

The two lovers would regularly stay at the Portland apartment of Christopher and Tunile Jennings. On the night of Scott’s death, the Jennings were out celebrating Christopher’s birthday, when Pratt killed his lover sometime between 1 AM and 3 AM.

Pratt managed to clean up the crime scene and dispose of her remains before the Jennings returned home.

At Pratt’s trial, Scott’s estranged husband would testify that he hadn’t realized his wife was dead until he found her body. He had assumed she’d run off to New York with Pratt.

However, it transpired that the day before Scott died, Pratt became convinced that she was about to return to her husband, angered by this he had assaulted his lover. Police say he later decided to kill her.

Cops pieced together enough evidence to convict Anthony Pratt

When eagle-eyed investigators later searched the apartment, they discovered the bullet that killed Scott embedded in a wall stud and the piece of gum and paper with Pratt’s DNA that was used to plug the bullet hole.

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The .40-caliber handgun that was used to kill Margarita Scott was later found in another apartment rented by the Jennings.

Pratt was found guilty and given a 42-year prison sentence for the murder. He attempted an appeal in 2016, which was denied.

Pratt and Christopher Jennings were crack cocaine dealers who smuggled drugs from New York to sell in Portland. Pratt became romantically involved with Scott after she bought drugs from him.

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