Man claims his psychiatrist cousin brainwashed him into trying to kill her ex-lover | 48 Hours on ID

Jacob “Jake” Nolan was convicted of attempted murder after trying to kill Dr. Michael Weiss with a sledgehammer and steak knife.

But he claims his mind was not his own at the time. Speaking to 48 Hours, he claimed that he was brainwashed into doing it by his psychiatrist cousin Dr. Pamela Buchbinder.

Weiss was Buchbinder’s ex-boyfriend, and the pair were embroiled in a bitter custody battle over their young son at the time of the attack in November 2012.

It saw Nolan walk into Weiss’s office in Manhattan with a duffel bag containing the sledgehammer and knife before attacking him. In the 48 Hours episode, Nolan confesses to the crime and says he regrets and takes responsibility for his actions.

During his trial, Nolan’s attorney claimed he was manipulated by Buchbinder into carrying out the attack so that she could gain from his $1.5million life insurance policy.

The 48 Hours episode originally aired in December 2016. In recent developments, Buchbinder was arrested in October this year accused of plotting Weiss’s murder, and is reportedly being held at New York’s Riker’s Island jail after her bail was refused. A trail date is expected to be set for 2018.

Watch a preview of the 48 Hours episode, ahead of its release last year, below:

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