Lisa Huff Filiaggi was murdered by her jealous ex-husband James Filiaggi – Your Worst Nightmare

Lisa Huff Filiaggi was trying to start a new life with her kids, but her ex-husband could not bear to see her happy with another man – Your Worst Nightmare spotlights her murder.

Jan. 24, 1994, in Lorain County, Ohio, and James Filiaggi arrived at his ex-wife’s home in a rage. Lisa frantically called 911 as he smashed the door down and then she fled out of her house and down the street. Filiaggi chased Lisa into a neighbor’s house, where he found her hiding from him in a closet. He then dragged his ex-wife into the bathroom where be managed to shoot her once in the shoulder, before finishing her off in the bedroom with two shots – including one to the head.

Filiaggi then made his way to the home of Lisa’s stepfather, Delbert Yepko, and tried to kill him as well. After a week on the run in various states Filiaggi surrendered to police and was charged with murder.

At his trial 30-year-old Filiaggi was sentenced to death, despite his defense’s requests for mercy based on what they claimed was his mentally imbalanced state.

On April 25, 2007, Filiaggi was executed by means of lethal injection at Southern Ohio Correctional Institution. In his final statement he said: “Take care of my girls. Tell them I love them and had something to do. We all gotta go sometimes, some sooner than others.”

Lisa was due to marry her fiancé,  Eric Beiswenger, and so her family decided to bury her in the pink wedding dress she’d chosen for the big day.

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John Ray
John Ray
3 years ago

Isnt it funny all these i am a bad ass who killed my ex are the first to whimper and dry that the death penalty is wrong.! LOL To me its funny as hell!

3 years ago

I believe if the cops had done more made hia bond to where he couldn’t get bailed out she still be alive I beltthe police should be held responsible just as much as the ex husband this is the problem with the system when y know u have dangerous mam or woman like this show will stop at nothing there should be more of a bond there should be more protection than what you give these kids grew up with a mom because the law failed to protect her or anyone who has ever been in trouble like this by allowing someone to easily be bonded the f**k out yes hold the law responsible also do more than what I do to protect people now

1 year ago
Reply to  Dee

Common misconception is that the police have a duty to protect individual citizens. That’s just not so. Look at how the police responded to the Uvalde school shooting. They cordoned off the area and waited. Their failure to act led to multiple deaths. Yet you don’t see a single officer or department being held criminally or civilly responsible.

1 year ago

@ Dee- stop blaming the police for things they have no control over. Lawmakers make the laws- the police can only enforce laws already in existence. Look at all the animals in 2021-2022 getting released from jail with w No/Low Bail- that end up murdering people/groups of people (think Waukesha Parade murder). Too many lawmakers/DA’s today place the “rights” of criminals/thugs over the lives/safety of law abiding citizens- and it needs to stop.
James Filiaggi should’ve NEVER been given bail- he had just recently proven he was a violent psycho with no self control who harassed/stalked Lisa & her fiancee.
When he was sentenced to death, his parents had the nerve to tell Lisa’s mother that she shouldn’t do this (ask for the death penalty) to Lisa & James’s kids. Those kids are better off w their sperm donor getting the lethal injection. There should not be a moratorium on the death penalty- murderers should get what they give.

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