Larry Weaver was murdered by three hoodlums for his Harley-Davidson motorcycle

Mugshots of Ronnie Robinson and Larenzle and Elsie Coleman
Elsie Coleman (left), Ronnie Robinson (middle), and Larenzle Coleman were arrested for Larry Weaver’s murder. Pic credit: Sikeston Dept. of Public Safety

On July 2, 2016, Larry Weaver’s dead body was discovered in a cotton field, seven miles from the hotel he was supposed to be staying in at Sikeston, Missouri.

A week earlier, Weaver had been traveling on his Harley-Davidson towards his home in Pittsburg, Kansas, when he stopped off for an overnight stay at the Days Inn; he hadn’t been seen alive since checking in.

It would later transpire that his murderers were three thieves who killed him for his motorcycle. They were brother and sister Larenzle and Elsie Coleman, and Ronnie Robinson.

The police were initially stumped for clues, that is until they checked the surveillance footage at the Days Inn parking lot. They saw that in the middle of the night on June 27, a Chevy Avalanche pulled into the parking lot, and 14-minutes later, it sped out again, this time with a Harley-Davidson on its trailer.

Police believe that the three criminals had been riding around in the truck looking for an opportunity to steal something.

When they spotted Weaver’s Harley-Davidson, it was an opportunity they couldn’t resist. However, they were unprepared for the fact that Weaver put up a fight for his property.

As the Chevy sped away with the motorcycle, 66-year-old Weaver came running out of his hotel room and jumped onto the truck; he banged on the glass, demanding that the thieves stop.

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Larry Weaver and Ronnie Robinson fought each other

When the truck stopped on a dirt road, Robinson and Weaver began fighting; unfortunately, Robinson managed to get the upper hand and was able to subdue Weaver. Weaver was tied up, dumped in a cotton field, and left to die.

On July 2, investigators discovered the Chevy at the home of Larenzle Coleman in Charleston, MO., and promptly arrested him. He admitted to being with Elsie Coleman and Ronnie Robinson when the motorcycle was stolen.

In July 2018, Robinson was found guilty of second-degree murder, first-degree robbery, kidnapping, and first-degree tampering. He was sentenced to life in prison.

Larenzle and Elsie Coleman were sentenced to 13 and 10 years, respectively, for their role in the crime.

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God, Family &Country
God, Family &Country
1 year ago

Low life thugs! Should have been given the chair! They will burn in hell!

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