Larry Cragun launched deadly attack on neighbors with hammer

Larry Cragun murdered his neighbor Patricia Heath with a hammer and injured three other, Dead Silent examines the reason for his murderous rampage.

Bayview, North Idaho, in December 2010 and Patricia Heath and three other people were attacked in Heath’s mobile home by a man with a hammer.

Larry W. Cragun, 31, was arrested soon after the attack, with several witnesses telling police that he just walked away after the attack and told them he’d just killed four people.

Police had already been involved in what was a ongoing dispute between Cragun and the Heaths. Cragun had made various fairly bizarre claims, including that Jedidiah Heath had put pubic hairs in his food. When police investigated his various claims they found that none had any merit.

He’d also been behaving erratically, shouting in the direction of the Heath’s property and throwing snowballs at their mobile home.

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On the day of the attack Cragun burst into their home at lunch time and shouted profanities before attacking the four occupants with a hammer.

Patricia Heath, 43, died of her head wounds in hospital, Jedidiah M. Heath, 21, and Michael L. Heath, 40, suffered less serious injuries and fully recovered. 58 Lorraine Y. Wallis was badly wounded and required numerous brain operations.

In 2012 Cragun, whom experts testified was schizophrenic, pleaded guilty to the murder and attacks and was given an indeterminate life sentence.

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