Larry Ashley dumped his wife’s body in the trunk of her car: Murder of Debbie Ashley investigated on Betrayed

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This week, Betrayed looks at the case of Debbie Ashley, a medical supply saleswoman whose murder took place in Little Rock, Arkansas, in 1991. There were a number of suspects in the case, including her ex-husbands and a doting co-worker; however, the murderer turned out to be her well-respected husband, Larry Ashley.

On a Sunday evening in April 1991, Larry informed Little Rock police that his wife, 41-year-old Debbie, had left for a business trip to Atlanta on Friday and had not returned when she was supposed to on Sunday evening.

Three days later, an officer found Debbie’s body stuffed in the trunk of her car at Little Rock regional airport; she had been shot dead. Larry was arrested in his office approximately three hours later.

Police believe that Larry and Debbie, who had been married for only one year, had an argument that culminated in Larry shooting his wife dead. He killed his wife with a small pistol that she kept in her purse.

Larry Ashley claimed the murder was an accident

Larry claimed that it was an accident. He said he panicked when the gun went off and took his wife’s remains to the airport before concocting the story about his wife’s business trip to Atlanta.

He was trialed by a jury who didn’t buy his story of an accidental shooting. He was charged with capital murder and sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

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Larry Ashley had previously been a respected member of the community. He had started his career as a psychiatric social worker and spent ten years working his way through the ranks to become an administrator at the Charter Peachford Hospital in Atlanta.

However, he was about to be fired from the job after being caught tampering with company books. Then at age 44, he threw his life away when he shot his wife dead.

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