Killing of Roswell millionaire Lance Herndon by Dionne Baugh spotlighted

This episode of Nightmare Next Door spotlights the killing of Roswell millionaire Lance Herndon, who was bludgeoned to death in his own home.

Roswell, Ga., August, 1996, and 41-year-old Herndon was found dead in his house by his mother, he’d been beaten to death with an unidentified object.

Detectives were initially at a loss as there were no witnesses to the murder and they found no fingerprint at the crime scene.

However, a year into the investigation they were eventually led to 29-year-old Georgia State University student Baugh. She was originally from Jamaica and had a husband and child back on her home island, but she’d also been seeing Herndon at some point.

Investigators discovered that Baugh enjoyed an expensive lifestyle and that Herndon had been supplying the cash to her and several other women to indulge in the finer things in life.

However, when she saw him with one of the other women she became extremely angry and Herndon tried to file charges against her. He never made it to court and it seems the final straw for Bauer was being snubbed and not receiving an invite to Herndon’s birthday party.

In 2001 Baugh was found guilty of murder and sentenced to life, but this was overturned a few years later by the state’s Supreme Court. In 2004 a second trial resulted in a jury who could not reach a decision. Rather than face a third trial, Baugh decided to plead guilty to the charge of voluntary manslaughter.

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In 2011, after spending a decade in prison, Baugh was released on probation.

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