Killing Fields investigation into Carrie Singer murder continues with interviews and mystery call

This week Killing Fields continues the investigation into  the murder of 28-year-old Carrie Singer, whose body was found partially naked in a field back in 2004.

Isle of Wight County, Virginia, in July of 2004 and Carrie went missing Her body was discovered in a field by a farmer and she’d been brutally beaten to death.

Randy Patrick was head of the investigation at the time and it has stayed with him since. Now, with the guidance of Lieutenant Thomas Potter and help of a team of investigator, Randy hopes to finally put this case to rest and bring some closure for the family and himself.

The first episode saw them interview a prison inmate with a story about someone dumping a body and this week they continue to search out new leads. This episode the team continue digging into the case and start talking to past witnesses as they try to home in on a suspect.

They conduct a house to house sweep, interviewing people who might have seen something or who might have new information that they did not think was important at the time of the initial investigation. The team are also hopeful of getting a search warrant to further investigate a lead but will they get it?

They also look further into the calls Carrie’s boyfriend made when he was trying to discover her whereabouts, including one that raises some questions.

Killing Fields airs on Thursdays at 9:00 PM on Discovery.

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