Killer Women with Piers Morgan talks to love rival killer Sheila Davalloo

This week on Killer Women with Piers Morgan features Sheila Davalloo, who murdered her love rival and tried to kill her husband during a sex game.

In March 2003 the pair were engaged in some sex games involving blindfolds and handcuffs when she started stabbing him. She claimed it was an accident and even drove him to the hospital, but there she attacked him again and he tried to fight her off. Christos survived the attack but only after he had open heart surgery!

This was when the case became even stranger, as a detective noticed the last call she made on her phone was to someone called Nelson. When the police went to interview Nelson Sessler a neighbor approached them and asked if they were there about the murder.

Detectives were puzzled and said they were visiting to ask about the assault. They then discovered that the woman Nelson had been dating and planning to marry had been murdered in a savage attack. Anna Lisa Raymundo also worked with Davalloo, who had also had an affair with Sessler. She’d been bashed over the head and stabbed nine times in her face and neck.

The breakthrough in the murder case was when DNA matched a blood stain on Raymundo’s sink matched up with Davalloo.

It’s thought her motive was to get rid of her husband and Raymundo so that she could get back with Sessler.

Davalloo was found guilty of both crimes and received a 25 year sentence for the attempted murder and 50 years for the murder.

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