Killer Instinct with Chris Hansen spotlights the murder of Susan Bauer

Killer Instinct with Chris Hansen examines the murder of Susan Bauer, the mother of three killed in her own home.

St. Paul, Minnesota, in March 20, 1996, and the body of Susan Bauer was found in her home, she’d been strangled to death.

The body was found by her estranged husband Vincent S. Bauer who told police he was dropping off some clothes for their kids, though he actually had a court order against him banning direct contact.

Initially the police suspected the ex-boyfriend of one of Susan friends. She’d been staying with Susan and she’d called police to report his threats and when he came round and damaged his girlfriend’s car. He blamed Susan for the two of them splitting up.

However, it eventually emerged that her estranged husband was the culprit, though Vincent still claims he is innocent. The evidence against him included some DNA on his underwear and bruising on Susan’s body that matched up with the brace polio sufferer Vincent wore on his leg.

In 1998 Vincent S. Bauer was sentenced to life in prison.

Killer Instinct with Chris Hansen airs on Tuesdays at 9:00 PM on Investigation Discovery. 

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Rebecca haas
Rebecca haas
3 years ago

I am the friend of Susan you mentioned

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