Kids Who Kill spotlights children who murder

Kids Who Kill is a two-hour special airing on A&E that spotlights some of the most shocking cases where children have been the murderers.

The documentary looks at the child killers backgrounds and tries to shine a light on why they committed these crimes and how seemingly innocent children went on to perform such violent acts.

There are also interviews with the prosecutors who had to take them to court, the defense attorneys who had to make a case for them and some of the child psychologists who had to attempt to make sense of the madness that seemingly possessed these children.

One of the many cases spotlighted is that of 13-year-old Eric Smith, who in 1993 murdered four-year-old Derrick Robie. Smith was a bit of a loner and a bullied child and seems to have focussed his rage on the blameless Robie. He strangled the young boy before smashing his head repeatedly with a rock.

Smith is interviewed for the show and provides some chilling answers to those questions that haunt everyone involved in the case and others like it.

Kids Who Kill airs at 9:00 PM on A&E.

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