Kidnapping of Jessyca Mullenberg by Steven Oliver featured on Your Worst Nightmare

Jessyca Mullenberg photo
Jessyca Mullenberg was kidnapped by Steven Oliver. Pic Credit: Family Photo

Your Worst Nightmare on Investigation Discovery features the kidnapping of 13-year-old Jessyca Mullenberg by Steven Oliver.

Oliver was a friend of the family and had known Mullenberg since she was 8. He also worked at her school as a school aide.

He was secretly obsessed with the 13-year-old and would follow her and her family each time they would move to a different location in Wisconsin.

On September 16, 1995, Oliver was supposed to meet Mullenberg at the library to help her with a school project.

Instead, he kidnapped Mellenberg from her father Dale Mullenberg’s mobile home in  Seymour.

Oliver lured her into his vehicle.

With a knife to her back, Oliver took her on a plane to Houston, Texas, where he stashed her away in hotels.

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Oliver took a job as the motel’s painter to help pay for their room.

He told her to use the name Cindy Johnson.

Mellenberg was being physically and sexually abused by Oliver until FBI rescued her from a Days Inn motel on December 29, 1995.

Houston authorities received a tip after the television show America’s Most Wanted aired. Someone reported seeing Oliver and Mullenberg acting like father and daughter.

Not long after Mullenberg’s rescue, she was reunited with her family at the Houston Intercontinental Airport gate.

Mullenberg said she became used to her new name, and it wasn’t until she heard her mother’s voice that she snapped out of it and remembered who she was.

Oliver was arrested on charges of kidnapping and violating the Mann Act.

Following a weeks-long trial in 1996, he was found guilty and sentenced to 40 years in prison.

Your Worst Nightmare — A Way Out, airs at 10pm on Investigation Discovery.

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