Kidnap and murder of 13-year-old Kacie Woody by internet predator David Fuller profiled on ID

Profile pic of Kacie Woody
Kacie Woody was just 13-years-old when she was abducted and murdered. Pic credit: Kacie Woody Foundation/ Facebook

Kacie Woody was just 13-years-old when she vanished from her home in a suburb of Little Rock, Arkansas, in December 2002. The home showed signs of forced entry combined with evidence of a struggle, and Kacie’s shoes were still in the house. It was clear she hadn’t gone willingly.

Kacie had been the victim of an internet predator, David Fuller, who had traveled from San Diego, CA, to kidnap and murder his victim.

Kacie Moody was home alone when David Fuller arrived

Kacie was reported missing from the family home by her older brother when he returned and found her gone. Kacie’s father was a police officer who was on patrol at the time, and her mother had died five years previously; this meant she was home alone when David Fuller pulled up in his white van.

Police believe that Kacie had come into contact with 47-year-old Fuller through an internet chatroom where the predator posed as a teenage boy.

Investigators were able to use Kacie’s computer to find an alias used by Fuller and then trace his whereabouts to a nearby motel. Eventually, police leading the search came across a storage facility in the area when they heard a gunshot.

Fuller shot himself and Kacie

As the police had approached, Fuller murdered the girl before turning the gun on himself. Officers found Kacie’s body bound up, and it soon became apparent she’d been sexually assaulted.

When police looked into San Diego resident, David Fuller, they discovered a man who’s ex-wife had complained about the amount of time he spent on the internet and who had advised him to seek help for anger management.

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In January 2002, his wife had dialed 911, claiming Fuller had abused her, but lack of evidence meant charges were dropped. She filed for divorce in July.

Fuller had also been fired from his job as a used car salesman after he was caught using company computers to visit pornography websites.

Considering the meticulous level of planning that went into the abduction of Kacie, police have wondered if this was not the first time Fuller had committed such a crime.

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