Khloe Kardashian’s Twisted Sisters on ID exclusive: Ashley Fowler recalls tragic sibling drowning

True Crime genre aside, tonight’s Twisted Sisters by executive producer Khloé Kardashian is a gut punch for anyone who has children. The loss of two siblings in a freak drowning accident is every parent’s nightmare.

The story – as horrific as it is – gets even worse.

In our exclusive clip, sister Ashley Fowler recalls the day she watched as two of her brothers drowned in front of her. It is chilling and a real warning to anyone who has kids near any body of water. Vigilance is key at all times.

In the episode, Theresa Fowler always looked out for her little brother, Lonnie. After Lonnie married Betty Jo, Theresa maintained a healthy distrust about her baby brother’s wife.

Later, it was Lonnie who lost his two sons as daughter Ashley watched.

The deaths of Justin and older brother Alan Fowler are recounted by Lonnie’s Daughter Ashley Fowler.

In the clip below, she says: “One of the boys, he had dared my brother Justin to jump into the water. My brother was like, ‘I don’t know to swim’ and he had pushed Justin into the water … and Justin didn’t come up.  Alan, which was our bigger brother, he decided to jump in and get him and for some crazy reason, he didn’t come back up.”

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Ashley was just a little girl. She remembers the frantic race to get help.  “So at that point, I ran all the way home to get my mother who was in the shower and I was like ‘mom the boys, the boys we need to get to them!’  My mom got out of the shower, she got dressed and then she took off down the street.”

But at that point, the boys were lost.

Father Lonnie Fowler then recalls in a separate interview how he learned his two sons died that day.

He said: “I went in the hospital and when I went in there the people told me to go to the chapel.  There’s somebody there to talk to you in a minute. Right then I knew that I lost one of my sons… I never imagined I lost both of them.”

The episode is an unraveling of this Florida family’s twisted history. When tragedy strikes and two of their children drown, Lonnie and Betty Jo’s relationship heads south fast.

Then, Theresa’s suspicions are confirmed. Still married, Lonnie and Betty Jo move closer to family in Florida and reunite with Theresa, who’s trying to get along with her sister-in-law, but it’s not going to happen.

The somewhat friendly relationship is short-lived, fueled by a night of hard partying.  The substance abuse reveals the animus between Theresa and Betty Jo is irreparable and one of them is rushed to the hospital. One will lose her life.

Investigation Discovery says of tonight’s dark episode:

Betty Jo Fowler has been married to Theresa Fowler Straight’s younger brother for many years, and when Theresa gets engaged to Kevin Curtis after only a couple of weeks, the two couples seem to be enjoying each other’s company. However, appearances can be deceiving. Dark secrets in the family history rise to the surface and culminate in murder.

Khloé Kardashian’s series, produced by 44 Blue Productions, explores true stories of sisters as they evolve from kin to killers, delving into the events that drove them to take extreme and deadly measures.

“I am thrilled to be partnering with ID for the new season of Twisted Sisters.  Anyone who knows me understands what a huge true-crime fan I am. This series shows how strong the bonds between sisters really are but how twisted they can become when they’re triggered by jealousy,” said Kardashian in a press release.

The sophomore season has 10 hour-long episodes that tell haunting tales of betrayal where kindred spirits become killers who work together to commit a crime.

Tune in tonight to see the full extent of Lonnie Fowler’s tragic family history:

Twisted Sisters airs Mondays at 10/9c, only on Investigation Discovery.

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