Kevin Bullock stabbed girlfriend Natalie Purdie multiple times with a scissors: ID investigates

Mugshot of Kevin Bullock
Kevin Bullock was eventually sentenced to 35 years for multiple attacks on women. Pic credit: Virginia Beach Police Dept.

Natalie Purdie was living with her grandparents in Norfolk, Virginia, in 1986, when her on again off again boyfriend of two years tried to murder her by stabbing her 30 times.

At the time, Purdie was only 18 years old and had dreams of a career in dance in New York City. Her boyfriend, Kevin Bullock, talked of marriage, but she wasn’t prepared to make that kind of commitment.

Purdie later spoke about how she had nothing against him; it was just that she wasn’t ready for marriage. “It was nothing against him at all. I was still learning about myself,” she said. Purdie added: “He just kept saying, ‘But why, Natalie? I love you.'”

One evening, as Purdie walked Bullock to the door of her grandparent’s home, he pulled out a pair of scissors and began repeatedly stabbing her. She tried desperately to defend herself and received multiple wounds on her face, nose, chin, lips, behind her ear, hands, arms, upper torso, and legs.

Bullock fled the scene leaving the woman he claimed to love lying in a pool of her own blood.

Natalie Purdie survived the attack by Kevin Bullock

Thankfully, Purdie survived the ordeal, but she had to spend a month in the hospital. She suffered from a skull fracture and bleeding on the brain, which led to her having to relearn how to walk, talk, and read.

When she left the hospital, she went to a police station, still in a wheelchair, to report the crime. Bullock was subsequently charged with attempted murder.

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However, the charge was eventually reduced to unlawful wounding, a misdemeanor, which meant Bullock missed out on doing jail time. He was sentenced to 10 years probation and had to pay minimal restitution.

Unfortunately, Bullock would strike again years later. In 1998, he attacked his then-girlfriend Claudia Lawson-Wilson, after he saw her in the company of another man.

A third brutal attack came in 2010 when Lawson-Wilson attempted to break up with him, he rear-ended her vehicle and ripped off the car door. He began punching her and then bit a chunk out of her face.

At his subsequent trial, Purdie testified against her ex-boyfriend, which helped land him a 35-year prison sentence. At the sentencing, Judge Alexander said of Bullock, “When he is faced with rejection, he tries to kill the woman who is trying to pull away from him.”

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