Kelsey Dunnder Monahon died after being hogtied by burglar Luis A. Rodriguez – Screams of Silence

Kelsey Dunnder Monahon was pregnant when a home invader left her hogtied and then fled the scene, an action that led to her death – Screams of Silence examines this tragic case.

May 25, 2001, in Wildemere Beach, Milford, and Matthew Monahon returned home to the dream home he was building with his wife, Kelsey Dunnder Monahon, only to find her hogtied on the floor.

The rope was not just tied around the 28-year-old’s arms and legs, but also her neck. In her desperation to escape she’d choked herself unconscious and three days later she died in hospital, never regaining consciousness.

Luis A. Rodriguez mugshot
Luis A. Rodriguez was not charged with Kelsey’s death for over a decade.

However, it took ten years for the case to solved with hundreds of witnesses interviewed across many states. In 2011 detectives obtained a warrant to arrest Missouri man and convicted felon Luis A. Rodriguez for the killing. But it was 2013 before Federal Marshalls moved to arrest the 53-year-old in prison, where he was being held for gun possession offences.

Rodriguez had made a confession to a fellow inmate in prison on a unrelated matter, telling the con that he had not meant for Kelsey to die.

Finally in September 2013 Rodriguez pleaded guilty to manslaughter and was sentenced to 20 years in prison.

It turned out that a woman Rodriguez was having a relationship with told him that Matthew owed her money. Rodriguez then went to the house to confront Matthew and instead ran into Kelsey. He hit her on the head and then tied her up, before taking seven $100 bills from the Monahon’s safe.

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After the sentence was handed down Matthew told the press: “Murder is forever. Kelsey is gone forever, and I will miss her forever.”

Screams of Silence airs at 9:00 p.m. on Investigation Discovery.

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