Kelly Cochran helped her husband murder Christopher Regan and then killed him too – Dead North

Christopher Regan was 53-years-old when he was murdered and dismembered by his lover Kelly Cochran and her husband, Dead North investigates this gruesome case.

Oct. 27, 2014, in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and father of two Christopher Regan was reported missing by his friend Terri O’Donnell, who was worried after not seeing him for several weeks.

Regan had been due to move to North Carolina in November but his friends knew he’d not just up and leave without any word. When police found his car, inside was a note with some directions to the house of Jason and Kelly Cochran.

After further investigation police realised that Regan was having an affair with Cochran and searched her home. Soon after the couple moved out of the state to Indiana, leaving behind everything from furniture to food in the cupboards. It was there in 2016 that Kelly Cochran was charged with Regan’s murder and numerous crimes related to disposing and dismembering his body.

Christopher Regan missing poster
Christopher Regan was reported missing but sadly had been murdered by his lover

Prosecutors alleged that she and her husband Jason had made a pact to murder any lovers that either of them took. It was put to Kelly that Jason shot Regan and then she helped cover up the crime and dispose of the body.

Some of their neighbors reported hearing all kinds of saws running at odd hours just around the time of Regan’s disappearance. Disturbingly some also reported being invited over for an unusual nmber of barbecues and meals after the killing, with some suspecting they unknowingly ate Regan’s bodyparts.

Cochran eventually made a plea deal and directed police to a spot where Regan’s bones and skull were unearthed. As part of the deal the death sentence was taken off the table and she was instead sentenced to life in prison.

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Cochran was also suspected of killing her husband, who died shortly after their move to Indiana. He’d had a huge heroin overdose but further investigation uncovered he’d been suffocated.

Kelly Cochran mugshot
Kelly Cochran may have killed more than two people and possibly cooked parts of Chris Regan

In May 2018 Kelly Cochran admitted murdering Jason and was sentenced to an additional 65 years in prison, with some detectives suspecting she might have many other victims and actually be a serial killer.

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