Angie Dodge was murdered and Chris Tapp convicted, but he was released after resentencing

Who Killed Angie Dodge? Keith Morrison Investigates looks into the 1996 murder of the Idaho Falls teenager and the controversial conviction of Chris Tapp.

18-year-old Angie was found by co-workers after she failed to turn up for work. Her dead body was discovered was half naked and had been stabbed or slashed 14 times. She’d not been raped but the murderer had ejaculated at the scene, giving police some excellent DNA evidence.

At the time they were unable to find a match for the DNA and instead interviewed various local men. Chris Tapp was interrogated for hours and although he intially denied it and had no DNA match, after hours in custody he confessed.

Idaho Falls Police release DNA phenotype of Angie Dodge's murdere
Idaho Falls Police released this DNA phenotype of Angie Dodge’s killer

However, Angie’s mother Carol Dodge was not convinced and led a long campaign to have Tapp released and to find the true killer of her daughter. Tapp was eventually released this year after serving 20 years in prison, the judge resentenced him to 2nd degree murder and given he’d already served enough time for that, he was released. The rape charge was dropped due to the lack of a DNA match and he walked out of court a free man.

Earlier this month the Idaho Falls Police released a DNA phenotype of the suspect, that amazingly included a rendering of what he might actually look like.

The department chief Mark McBride told local press that they had spent more money and time investigating the case than any other.

The images might not be accurate in terms of hair color or weight but they think the facial features and eye color are accurate.

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If you know something about the case or think you recognise the image you can call the 24-hour tip line on 1‐800‐927‐1239 or visit the Idaho Falls Police website for contact details.

Who Killed Angie Dodge? Keith Morrison Investigates airs at 8:00 PM on Investigation Discovery.

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