Justin Mohn accused of decapitating his father and displaying head in a YouTube video

Mugshot of Justin Mohn
Justin Mohn has been charged with killing his father in Bucks County. Pic credit: Bucks County DA Office

The police in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, have charged Justin Mohn with suspected murder after he appeared to kill his father, Michael F. Mohn, and then displayed his head on social media at the home they shared in Middletown Township.

The cops were called to Mohn’s home on Tuesday evening, where they discovered a particularly gruesome crime scene. They located 68-year-old Michael’s headless body in a downstairs bathroom and found his head in a plastic bag within a cooking pot in a neighboring bedroom.

The officers found a machete and a large knife in a bathtub, and they also located two pairs of blood gloves. There was a lot of blood everywhere.

According to a statement released by the Bucks County District Attorney, Michael’s body was discovered by his wife. She explained that her husband and his son, 32-year-old Justin Mohn, had been home when she left.

The younger Mohn was now missing, and Michael’s 2009 Toyota Corolla car was also gone.

The cops then learned of a terrifying video posted to YouTube, which allegedly showed Mohn holding up his bloody father’s head as he went on a 14-minute rant condemning the federal government.

Justin Mohn called father, Michael Mohn, a traitor as he held his decapitated head

Mohn accused his father of being a traitor because he had worked for the federal government for 20 years.

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In the video, he claimed, “America is rotting from the inside out as far left, woke mobs rampage our once prosperous cities.” The video remained online for hours before it was taken down for violating YouTube’s rules on gratuitous violence. The video was viewed about 5,000 times.

The police said the footage had provided them with plenty of evidence to charge Mohn with the murder. Middletown Township Police Captain Pete Feeney told reporters, “As far as the crime itself, it’s not something we typically see here… There’s plenty of evidence to process, I’m sure they’ll be reviewing that video.”

Mohn was arrested a few hours later at the headquarters of the Pennsylvania Nation Guard at the Fort Indiantown Gap base. He was armed but was taken into custody without incident. The police say it’s not unclear why he was at the base.

Justin Mohn had railed against federal government going back years

A former roommate of Mohn’s who lived with the suspect at the University of Colorado in Colorado Springs told CNN that back in 2016, Mohn had displayed signs of paranoia and claimed the government was out to get him.

Davis Rebhan claimed he lived with Mohn for a few months, both on and off campus. He said that on one occasion, Mohn had smashed up their apartment and told him he had undiagnosed PTSD.

Rebhan said of this week’s incident, “I thought he was just a weird kid who had some issues. But I obviously (wasn’t) thinking he would do this or was dangerous.”

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