Journalist Tony Harris narrates gripping true-crime series, Monster: DC Sniper

Monster DC Sniper
True Crime podcasts are raising the bar of excellence with Tony Harris, an award-winning journalist who examines the Monster DC Sniper. Pic credit: iHeartRadio

The true-crime genre is white-hot and popular on television, and also in podcasts.

People love to hear the details of these crimes and the situations that lead to them. There is no better steward to factually break down a crime scene than esteemed journalist Tony Harris.

His Investigation Discovery series Scene of the Crime was a top ID addict favorite.

Now, Tony Harris brings his expertise and journalistic cred to the third installment of the Tenderfoot TV and iHeartRadio podcast, Monster: DC Sniper, premiering today.

This follows Monster: The Zodiac Killer and Atlanta Monster, the hit-true crime podcast that has over 70+ million downloads.

The first two episodes of Monster: DC Sniper premieres today with new episodes every Thursday on iHeartRadio.

A preview:

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DC Terror background

In the fall of 2002, America was still reeling from the terror attacks of 9/11.

Washington D.C. was a prime target for terrorism, with 9/11’s attack on the Pentagon as well as a series of Anthrax attacks that left the area in a state of anxiety.

Then, in October 2002, terror struck again as someone shot and killed a man who was leaving a grocery store.

The next day, five more people were shot and killed nearby. One person was shot while pumping gas, and another was killed while mowing their lawn. There was no relation between the victims.

These attacks were utterly random and sadistic in nature.

About Tony Harris

Emmy-award winning host and ​journalist (CNN, Al Jazeera)  Tony Harris was a TV news anchor in Baltimore at the time of the sniper attacks.

He takes us through the D.C. Sniper’s three-week-long ​killing spree to its aftermath today. In analytical documentarian style, Harris speaks with law enforcement officers, journalists, and witnesses who survived the ordeal, chronicling their stories during that time.

According to producers via a press statement:

“When this nightmare finally ended, the identity of the Sniper shocked nearly everyone. The story revealed, which is considerably more complicated than expected, was one of betrayal, neglect and family. Now, the Supreme Court is hearing the case. And the results will almost certainly have far reaching consequences.

Monster: DC Sniper premiered today on iHeartRadio.

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