See No Evil investigates Josh Richards murder: Chong Lee gunned down the victim in a Wisconsin nightclub

Mugshot of Chong Lee
Chong Lee shot Joshua Richards in the head at a nightclub in Appleton, Wisconsin. Pic credit: Outagamie County Sheriff’s Office

December 8, 2013, in the middle of the night, the police responded to a call at the Luna Lounge in Appleton, Wisconsin. There they found Joshua Richards lying near the bar’s entrance; he had been fatally shot in the head.

An argument in the nightclub had led to Chong Lee pulling a firearm and shooting 25-year-old Richards. A witness at Luna Lounge would later recount that he thought Lee was going to punch Richards, but instead, he heard a “boom” just before seeing Richards fall.

Lee was also convicted of possession of a firearm by a felon and two counts of intimidating a witness as a party to a crime. The jury found him not guilty of two other counts of intimidating a witness as a party to a crime.

Chong Lee told many witnesses that he murdered Joshua Richards

After the shooting, Lee largely contributed to his downfall by telling multiple acquaintances that he was the murderer.

Lee attempted to intimidate witnesses according to the State’s prosecution team; they accused him of making a series of phone calls from the Outagamie County jail in which he said certain witnesses should not come to court or should recant. In one call, he suggested that a witness should “disappear.”

Lee was convicted of first-degree murder and was sentenced to life in prison; however, he will be eligible after about 32-years. In 2018, the conviction was upheld after a challenge from Lee when it became clear that the police had failed to disclose and destroyed evidence.

Richards family set up a foundation in Joshua’s name that encourages people to sign up for organ donation upon their deaths.  A patient who had received Richards’s heart was in the court on the day Lee was sentenced for the murder.

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4 years ago

Why don’t you interview Chong Lee to find out what really happened? I know you haven’t because he told me about this film and questioned why you didn’t get his permission to air this segment.

You take the word of the police who destroyed evidence and convicted Lee based on circumstantial evidence. I feel badly for Josh Richards death, but I also know about what happened from the police reports and transcripts when Lee’s brother Paul was interviewed.

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