Jordan Graham pushed her husband Cody Johnson off a cliff just days after being married

This week Grave Secrets spotlights the murder of newly married Cody Johnson, who went missing just days after he was wed to Jordan Graham.

25-year-old Johnson was reported missing just days after the pair had tied the knot, with 22-year-old Jordan initially claiming he’d taken off one night to go hiking with friends. She then told police that she’d been sent an email from a man called Tony saying that there had been an accident and that her husband would not be coming back.

However, the investigators soon saw through her conflicting lies and it became clear the two of them had travelled to Glacier Park in Montana and gone hiking. Graham eventually admitted she’d pushed him a little too hard during an argument and he fallen several hundred feet to his death.

In a plea deal, that she later tried to get out of, the black widow bride was sentenced to 30 years in prison.

It is thought that Graham had loved the idea of getting married, delighting in picking a dress and ring, but did not really want to settle down. Her friend told detectives she was crying on the day and had a severe case of cold feet. Police suspect that her new husband might have realised this and was threatening to get the marriage annulled, with Graham pushing him to his death to avoid the humiliation.

Grave Secrets airs at 9:00 PM on Investigation Discovery. 

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