Join ID stars live on Zoom today at IDCON 2021: Dead of Winter

IDCON : Dead of Winter image
IDCON : Dead of Winter is live on Zoom later today. Pic credit: Investigation Discovery

This evening Investigation Discovery is hosting IDCON : Dead of Winter on Zoom, with a lineup including appearances from Lt. Joe Kinda, Callahan Walsh, and a special discussion on the case of the Long Island Serial Killer.

There is no physical IDCON on the cards for the moment with the ongoing pandemic, but that does not mean you cannot get involved. The network is hosting a Zoom event featuring some of its most popular stars and some of the most interesting cases they’ve covered.

Legendary detective Lt. Joe Kenda, whose show is going out on Wednesday nights at the moment, will be intervened by Small Town Dicks podcaster Detective Dan. The pair will be chatting about why smaller local cases are often the most interesting.

Callahan Walsh will also be on hand to discuss some tragic missing person cases, and he will also chat about his father’s show In Pursuit with John Walsh.

Later retired police sergeant Derrick Levasseur will host a chat with various crime journalists as they delve into the Long Island Serial Killer case. This unsolved set of murders features alleged cover-ups, police corruption, and lots more.

Cover of the book The Spider featuring a photo of Jeffrey Epstein.
The cover of Barry Levine’s book about Jeffrey Epstein, The Spider. Pic credit: Penguin Books

Pulitzer Prize-nominated author Barry Levine will also feature on a panel as he discusses his book The Spider with former NY prosecutor Anna-Sigga Nicolazzi. The book is an in-depth look into Jeffrey Epstein and his fall from a successful financier to a disgraced serial abuser.

Online influencer Greg Jackson aka Onision is also in the spotlight as his ex-fiance Shiloh talks to safe Web advocate Alicantes Kozak about online dangers and predatory behavior. The pair discuss the allegations surrounding Onision and the YouTuber’s behavior towards Shiloh.

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Following the recent pattern of falls from grace is fashion mogul Peter Nygard. Everything in his life was larger than life, from his personality to his immense wealth. However, dozens of women have since come forward to accuse him of sexual abuse. He’s facing a class action with dozens of women accusing him and his businesses of being involved in sex trafficking and sexual misconduct.

The session will feature survivors of the alleged abuse and from those who used to be close to Nygard.

In addition to the panels, there will be appearances from ID stars Fatima Silva, Paula Zahn, Candice DeLong, and John Walsh.

Investigation Discovery is inviting participants to donate to the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children and the American Civil Liberties Union.

To sign up for an invite and send in your questions, visit the event website.

IDCON: Dead of Winter kicks off today at 4 p.m. ET.

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