John Hardy Rose murdered neighbor Patricia Stewart – his sisters talk to Evil Lives Here

Betty and Ulayla Rose talk to Evil Lives Here about their murderous brother John Hardy Rose, who killed their neighbor.

January, 1991, in North Carolina and 24-year-old Patricia Stewart was reported missing to police. An search of her apartment turned up several drops of blood and detectives questioned her neighbors, including John Rose.

He lived with his sister and her boyfriend in the apartment above Stewart’s and when the State Bureau of Investigation searched cars owned by Rose and his sister they found blood that matched the same type as Patricia.

He was interviewed and at his mother’s prompting he revealed that he’d killed Stewart and where he’d buried the body. Rose then waived his rights and explained that he’d been in a secret relationship with Stewart and that he’d killed her after she’d threatened to have him arrested for rape if he tried to leave her.

Rose explained he’d stabbed her repeatedly before wrapping her body in some bed sheets and moving it first to his car, and then to his sister’s car. He’d then driven the body out to his grandmother’s farm and set it on fire, before burying it.

Talking to Investigation Discovery about her brother Betty explains that she, “didn’t think that anybody would get to round, to finding out what really happened. That there was really such evil in one family.”

Going on to say that: “When you look at someone, look them in the eyes. If you look in their eyes and it looks like they have a demon in there, they got one.”

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Ulayla tells the show, “I loved my brother, I really loved him.”

Rose was sentenced to death in 1992 and on 30 November 2001 the 43-year-old was executed by lethal injection, despite a late appeal for clemency by Pop John Paul II.

Evil Lives Here – The Demon in His Eyes airs at 9:00 AM on Investigation Discovery. 

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2 years ago

My brother had demons in his mind since he was 4 yrs old

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