Jodie Whitney murder: Husband Edgar strangled her in her sleep before dumping her body in a swamp

Police tape
Jodie Whitney was murdered by her husband Edgar before he buried her body in a swamp

A new episode of Fatal Vows on Investigation Discovery examines the case of Edgar and Jodie Whitney from Vermont, who had a troubled marriage, but none of their family or friends ever suspected it might end in murder.

The couple had endured trial separations, a restraining order, and near divorce, when, one night in 2004, something drove Edgar to strangle his wife in their bed and bury her body in a nearby swamp, all while their three-year-old daughter slept soundly.

Whitney told the police on May 27 that his wife had gone missing; he was not initially a top suspect as he expertly played the role of a distressed husband, desperately hoping for the return of his wife.

Edgar Whitney admitted to murder after suicide attempt

However, the case was turned upside down week later when Whitney attempted suicide. After overdosing on Tylenol in the middle of the night, he subsequently admitted to his brother and then the police that he had murdered Jodie.

He told authorities where to find the body, and her remains were retrieved on June 2, 2004. Whitney was convicted of the crime two years later.

At the sentencing, Jodie’s stepfather Ron Dueso addressed Whitney, saying: “We all make mistakes in life, Edgar. Unfortunately, I made the biggest one — leaving her in your hands. I can only hope you have a very miserable 20-plus years.”

Whitney was sentenced to serve 23 years to life in prison. He pleaded guilty to two felony counts: second-degree murder and unauthorized removal of a body. With credit given for time spent in jail while awaiting trial, Whitney was ordered to spend 20 years to life in prison for the murder, and five more years for removal of a body.

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Many of Jodie’s family and friends felt the punishment should have guaranteed a lifetime behind bars. Family friend Barbara Barny implored the court to think of Jodie and her two daughters; “Today is Jodie’s day,” she said, “Today is for Jodie’s justice.”

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This episode of Fatal Vows airs 9/8c on Investigation Discovery.

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