Jim Martin’s obsession with Jane Trenka leads to rape and murder plan on Silent Scream

This week Silent Scream looks at the dark obsession student Jim Martin had with Jane Vogler (Trenka) and how it almost turned deadly.

Jane Vogler was an adopted Korean scholarship student studying in Minnesota, but her world started to turn a bit crazy when a fellow student made unwanted advances towards her.

Jim Martin was a bit of a awkward character and when Jane turned him down he continued his obsession with her via a video project he was working on.

One night the family were alerted to a noise in the basement and her father spotted Martin running away over the lawn. A car was then spotted driving round and round the area. When her father went to try and get he license plate shots were fired.

The police moved the family to a safe house in the woods and flyers were handed out in town describing the car.

Eventually Martin was arrested and in his car the cops found a whips, gloves, tent stakes, vaseline, rope ,duct tape and a shovel. What has been described as a rape and murder kit, along with camera equipment to film the event.

He later confessed to planning to kidnap, rape and murder the teen and was eventually jailed.

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Trenka ended up going back to Korea and reinvested herself as an award-winning author and campaigner for transparency during adoptions.

Silent Scream airs on Saturdays at 8:00 PM on Investigation Discovery.

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