Jack Spillman aka the Werewolf butcher brutally mutilated one woman and two girls in Washington State: Evil Lives Here investigates

Mugshot of Jack Spillman
Jack Spillman was sentenced to life in prison for the savage murder of one woman and two girls. Pic credit: Washington State Dept. of Corrections

This week Evil Lives Here looks at the case of serial killer Jack Spillman, Aka the Werewolf Butcher. Operating out of Spokane, Washington, Spillman once told his cellmate that he wanted to be the “world’s greatest serial killer.”

Thankfully, Spillman was apprehended before he got the chance to achieve his ambition and is currently spending his life in prison having been convicted of murdering a mother and daughter in 1995, and a young girl in 1994.

In April 1995, Spillman attacked Rita Huffman, 48, and her daughter Mandy, 15 in their home. The scene which greeted investigators after the attack was like that from a horror movie. The Huffman’s had been viciously stabbed, disemboweled, and mutilated.

Spillman came under suspicion for the murders; his truck had been seen on the night of the killings near the crime scene; however, officers didn’t have enough evidence to hold him.

They kept him under surveillance for a week while gathering evidence against him. He was seen to throw an object away, which on retrieval turned out to be a bloodsoaked ski mask; the blood matched one of the victims.

Once Spillman was in custody, the police conducted searches of his truck and residence where they found more blood, hair, and fibers that implicated him to the crime.

Jack Spillman confessed to a third murder

The butcher, by trade, avoided the death penalty by admitting to the killings, he also surprised authorities by confessing to murdering 9-year-old Penny Davis the previous year.

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Spillman pleaded guilty and was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole for the murder of Rita Huffman. He received a further 70 years for killing Mandy Huffman and 45 years for the death of Penny Davis.

Spillman already had a comprehensive rap sheet that ranged from burglary to theft, assault, and rape.

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The Werewolf Butcher can be seen on Evil Lives Here at 9/8c on Investigation Discovery.

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Todd w Anderson
Todd w Anderson
3 years ago

i went to school with jack

Butch W. Wolf
Butch W. Wolf
1 year ago

He mentioned he had been watching you for a few years … he’s coming for you.

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