Investigation Discovery to air Scott Peterson: An American Murder Mystery

Investigation Discovery are to air a new documentary later this month, Scott Peterson: An American Murder Mystery.

The new two-hour special promises to reveal “the monster behind the disappearance of Laci Peterson”. It follows events from the pregnant 27-year-old’s disappearance on Christmas Eve 2002.

The hunt for Laci and her unborn son Conner in Modesto, California, captured the nation’s attention as the events unfolded.

The new special then looks at how her husband Scott gave his version of events to police of what happened that fateful day — but they don’t add up, and it emerged he was living a double life.

He was later convicted of first degree murder of Laci and second degree murder of their unborn son.

Investigation Discovery group president Henry Schleiff said: “The disappearance and murder of Laci Peterson and her unborn son, Conner, is, perhaps, one of the most heart-breaking, traumatic true stories of all time.

“This latest installment of AN AMERICAN MURDER MYSTERY will transport our viewers back to each pivotal moment of the investigation and trial, unraveling a very distorted web of lies that reveals the monster Scott Peterson really is.”

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American Media Inc chief content officer Dylan Howard said the documentary would “break fresh ground” and include “never-before-seen” information about the tragic case.

The special will include exclusive interviews with several people very close to the case, including Laci’s stepfather Ron Grantski, Scott’s ex-girlfriend Amber Frey, and Laci’s friends Stacey Boyers-Birdsong, Lori Ellsworth-Haints and Rene Tomlinson.

Lead investigator Jon Buehler and lead detective Al Brocchini from the Modesto Police Department also feature, as does Scott’s appellate attorney Cliff Gardner.

Scott Peterson: An American Murder Mystery premieres Wednesday, November 29, at 9/8c on Investigation Discovery.

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