In Pursuit With John Walsh: John and Callahan chase murderer Lester Eubanks and sex offender William Stanson

mugshot of Lester Eubanks
Lester Eubanks has been on the run since 1973 when he escaped jail after the murder of 14-year-old Mary Deener. Pic Credit: US Marshalls

Jon Walsh and his son Callahan are in hot pursuit of two new fugitives on Investigation Discovery this week. Walsh, crime fighter, victim’s advocate, and honorary US Marshall is this week employing his skills in an attempt to track down Lester Eubanks, a murderer who’s been on the run since 1973.

Callahan Walsh shows himself a chip off the old block as he attempts to zero in on sex offender William Stanson, who has been on the run since his daughter told police that he had been sleeping with her for several years in 2015. Stanson had already been charged with accosting of minors for immoral purposes and criminal sexual conduct.

Fugitive No. 1: Lester Eubanks

First up is Lester Eubanks, who is responsible for the murder and attempted rape of 14-year-old Mary Ellen Deener in November 1965. He had been out on bail while awaiting charges for a sexual offense when he shot and bludgeoned Mary.

Charged with first-degree murder, Eubanks was initially sentenced to death; however, his punishment was commuted to life in prison without the possibility of parole in 1972. Incredibly, Eubanks was granted temporary honor furlough to go Christmas shopping at a mall in Columbus, Ohio.

Eubanks was unaccompanied by correctional officers and subsequently failed to return to custody at the agreed time; that was in 1973, he’s been on the run ever since.

Police believe he has since spent time in California and Michigan; they also think he may have used the alias, Victor Young.

Fugitive No. 2: William Stanson

Stanson first came to the attention of law officers when he was caught exhibiting inappropriate sexual behavior to teenage girls at a Halloween party in November 2014 in Bridgeman, Michigan. He was charged in June 2015 and placed on the Michigan Sex Offender Registry.

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While awaiting sentencing, his 15-year-old daughter made allegations against her father, claiming he abused her for years. It was then that Stanson fled the state.

Police believe he attempted to cross into Canada in 2015 but was refused entry due to his previous charges. Officers also know that he sold his truck in Arizona in 2015. He has not been heard from since.

Mugshot of William Stanson
William Stanson has been on the run for sexual offenses since 2015. Pic credit: Bridgeman Police Dept.

Read about more about the felons that John Walsh and son Callaghan have pursued, including two reprobates shown on ID last week who were involved in double homicides. You can also read about the case of Robert Brumfield, notorious hijacker of an armored vehicle who was featured on John Walsh’s show last year.

Watch the details of these cases on In Pursuit With John Walsh at 10/9c on Investigation Discovery.

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Jane Doe
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I think this person is in Albany Ga working in the Dougherty county school system.

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