In Pursuit With John Walsh is hunting suspected murderers William Plemons and Darryl Walker

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In Pursuit With John Walsh is on the trail of two more suspected murderers this week. The first individual is William Plemons, who is wanted for the murder of Ermalinda Macatangay in her home in Phoenix, Arizona.

Plemons and Macatangay were married at the time of the murder, but the cops believe that Plemons was motivated to enter the marriage purely to steal from her, and when she found out, he killed her.

In tonight’s second case, Cal Walsh examines the whereabouts of Darryl Walker, who is suspected of killing 51-year-old Monique Johnson, who was killed at her home in Augusta, Georgia, in 2018.

Murder of Ermalinda Macatangay by William Plemons

William “Bubba” Ray Plemons was a career criminal who had spent years in prison for various crimes, including robbery and assault. Described as a charming individual, the convict spent a lot of his time in the slammer writing and forming relationships with women across the country. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a lonely heart that Plemons suffered from; it was an urge to steal.

On his release in 2003, Plemons moved in with and married Ermalinda Macatangay in Phoenix, Arizona. He spent the next month stealing thousands of dollars from her bank account. And when Macatangay discovered the truth about her husband, he murdered her.

Macatangay’s sisters became concerned when they failed to hear from her. They traveled from California to her home to find her brutally beaten and strangled to death in her home.

Plemons has been on the run ever since. John Walsh has investigated the suspected killer before on an episode of America’s Most Wanted.

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Suspected murder of Monique Johnson by Darryl Walker

On July 20, 2018, firefighters attended a house fire in Augusta, GA, and on quenching the flames, they discovered the remains of Monique Johnson. She had been fatally shot.

The suspected killer is former convict Darryl Walker, who is known to have fled the scene in Johnson’s stolen Nissan Altima. It’s thought that he may be hiding out on the streets or in a homeless shelter. He’s described as coming across as friendly and sociable, but the public should be warned, he is extremely dangerous.

Walker had previously been convicted of rape, kidnapping with bodily injury, and burglary after breaking into a woman’s home in 2003, also in Augusta. At the time, he was sentenced to life in prison, but tragically, he was paroled in 2016.

More from In Pursuit With John Walsh

Last week, John and Cal were on the chase for two suspected murderers. Brian Ontiveros was accused of killing ex-girlfriend Marissa Jernigan in San Antonio, Texas, and Robert Kuehn was wanted in Fort Myers, Florida, for the murder of Laura Howard.

Previously the team pursued two child abusers in the form of Torin and Rena Smith. The married couple ran a home school group for children at a ministry in Colorado, where they abused their positions of power and trust by abusing children.

In Pursuit With John Walsh airs at 10/9c on Investigation Discovery.

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