Horrific murder after two sets of twins face off features on Evil Twins

Evil Twins on Investigation Discovery this week examines a confrontation between two sets of male twins — which ended up with one man being shot fatally in the face.

Ron Jasper, 30, and his twin Tron were very close and although they both had some chronic illnesses, they managed to live a fairly active life.

However, things got out of control when Ron and Tron headed over to the home of 26-year-old Rahsaan Reid in September 2015, where Ron sought to confront Rahsaan’s twin brother Jarreau — who he believed was having an affair with his wife.

Video footage showed Ron and Rahsaan arguing and then Ron shooting him in the face.

At the trial the defense argued that due to a kidney disease, Ron had no option but to shoot knife-wielding Jarreau as he would not have been able to defend himself, but the jury was not convinced and he was found guilty of first-degree murder.

Ron was sentenced to 23 years in prison in June 2016.

Evil Twins airs on Mondays at 10:00 PM on Investigation Discovery.

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