Homicide Hunter: Lt. Joe Kenda is on his last case with the murder of Scotty Anderson on ID

Lt. Joe Kenda being interviewed
Lt. Joe Kenda served 21 years in violent crimes in Colorado Springs. Pic credit: Investigation Discovery / YouTube

The last episode of Homicide Hunter: Lt. Joe Kenda premieres on Investigation Discovery tonight. Homicide Hunter first aired in October 2011 and went on for a formidable nine seasons, with 142 episodes aired.

The former homicide detective has engaged audiences with tales from his time working with the Colorado Springs Police Dept. Joe spent 21 years in the violent crimes department, routinely catching the worst crooks and killers that the city could throw up.

Lt. Joe Kenda’s last case: The End

In his last televised case, appropriately titled The End, the network states that Kenda comes up against, “his most difficult case yet; the slaying of a young boy.”

As he battles his own personal demons unleashed by the tragic nature of this case, the network also suggests that our Lieutenant makes the most “consequential decision of his career.”

In the case, tragedy has struck the Anderson family with the death of young Scotty Anderson. We will see the 21-year veteran deal with Cynthia and Scott Anderson as he attacks the crime with the usual tenacity we’ve come to expect from Kenda.

Kenda explains how Homicide Hunter began

Also, in this episode, Kenda, who retired from the police 19-years ago, describes how he wound up on TV.

He explains how he received a phone message from a TV producer who said he wanted to put the veteran detective on the television. At first, Joe thought there was no chance of him going on TV, but his wife said, “you should call him.” Joe responded with, I’m not gonna phone him.”

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Thankfully for fans of the Lt., his wife persisted telling her husband that she thought it would be good for him to talk about the past crimes he’d investigated. Eventually, to “keep peace within the family,” Joe said, “I’ll call him.”

Joe’s son, Dan Kenda, appears in the episode, “basically my mother nagged him into, that’s the short version there,” he says.

Joe speaks about how he opened up to the TV crew when discussing his first case, “it was a flood; they couldn’t shut me up.” He has been open about suffering from PTSD as a result of his career, but claims narrating the show has helped him to negate the symptoms.

Want details of some of Kenda’s solved crimes? Follow the links to read about the murder of an 86-year-old grandmother by a violent neighbor or the brutal death of Cynthia McLuen in 1982.

Will Joe Kenda be back on ID?

Well, M&C did an exclusive Joe Kenda interview that last year and he revealed that Investigation Discovery is planning a new show featuring him. Kenda was a bit vague on the nature of the show and what it might be called, but he was sure it would quite different from what he’s done before for the channel. You can expect the show to drop this fall.

Catch Kenda’s last case The End on Homicide Hunter Joe Kenda at 9/8c on Investigation Discovery.

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