Home Alone spotlights murder–suicide of 17-year-old Katie Key by Jason Lynn McCamey

This week Home Alone examines the tragic murder-suicide involving Katie Key and Jason Lynn McCamey.

17-year-old Katie was a student at West Greene High School who got good grades and worked a job at JC Penney to get some extra cash.

However, she had also been having a semi-secretive relationship with 29-year-old Jason. She’d dated him a short while before realising he was abusive and probably dangerous. When she finally dumped him things only got worse, with Jason phoning her home constantly and sending endless texts.

Katie lived with her parents and her father tried to make the home more secure, especially after they found a note and some of Jason’s belongings in their barn. Katie’s mom also found a text that she couldnot view at first. When she opened it on the family computer it was a naked image of Katie and both parents were stunned that she’d been intimate with the much older Jason.

Things took a very dark turn on January 16, 2007, when Jason arrived at the Key home and burst in. He took Katie hostage and held up in her bedroom until the police arrived. After four hours of negotiation shot were heard and the officers entered the house to find Katie and Jason both dead. He’d murdered her using his shotgun and then turned the weapon on himself.

The show chats to Katie’s parents Tammy Fellers and Gary Key about the night and why they sued the Greene County Sherriff and deputies for wrongful death in 2008.

Home Alone airs at 12:00 P.M. on Investigation Discovery.

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