Hamilton Avenue Murders saw Desmond Turner and James Stewart massacre a family of 7: Shattered investigates the horrific crime

Police mugshot of Desmond Turner
Desmond Turner was sentenced to life imprisonment for his role in massacring the family. Pic credit: Indianapolis Police Dept.

The crime that unfolded at 560 North Hamilton Avenue in Indianapolis on June 1, 2006, is still remembered as the worst mass shooting in city’s history. A terrible incident that left 7 people dead, including 3 children.

They were the members of a working class family who were honest and hardworking, victims of James Stewart and Desmond Turner, two criminals who mistakenly thought the family were hoarding a large quantity of cash and drugs.

Shortly before 10 pm on the night of June 1st, witnesses saw Turner and Stewart enter the property, carrying military style weapons they massacred everyone in the house. The victims were: Alberto Covarrubias, 11; David Covarrubias, 8; Luis Albarran, 5; Flora Albarran, 22; Emma Valdez, 46; Alberto Covarrubias, 56; and Magno Albarran, 29. Three generations of a family were destroyed.

On hearing shots neighbors dialed 911, Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Officer Michael Kermon was first to arrive at the scene. He found Flora Albarran (mother to shot Luis Albarran) crying in the street, she was pointing at the house shouting “they’re shot.”

Kermon discovered a ransacked house, with bodies lying throughout the home, and spent casings on the floor. The victims had been shot at close range.

Stewart was arrested the following day without incident, however, a massive manhunt involving local, state, and federal authorities was launched for Turner. Two days he was found with relatives at a fast-food restaurant, here he surrendered to police. The death penalty was initially sought for Turner, however, in exchange for pleading guilty he was sentenced to life imprisonment instead. Stewart, an habitual offender, was sentenced to 425 years.

Jasmine Albarran, who’s father Magno was a victim, has spoken out about the devastation that the crime caused, and her struggle to come to terms with what happened. Police Officers who worked the case have spoken about how deeply affected they were by the slaughter of this family.

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