Grave Secrets spotlights ‘Molalla Forest Murderer’ Dayton Leroy Rogers

This week Grave Secrets spotlights the crimes of serial killer Dayton leroy Rogers, who dumped the bodies of six victims in the Molalla Forest area of Oregon.

Between 1983 and 1987 Dayton Leroy Rogers killed at least six women and possibly several more.

The married father of one worked as an engine mechanic and was in considerable amounts of personal debt. His victims were mostly vulnerable women who were drug addicts, prostitutes or runaways whom he lured to their deaths.

Rogers was caught when he attacked Jennifer Lisa Smith, a convicted prostitute he lured into his truck. He then started to stab her in the breasts, back and stomach and she fell out of the truck. The attack was spotted by several people and one called the police whilst another relayed what was happening.

Remarkably several others tried to block Rogers’ escape but he drove over the gardens and sped off. One witness followed him at high speed to his house and then called in the address details to the police. Sadly Smith later died of her injuries, but she was to be the last of his victims.

His victims included Lisa Marie Mock (23), Riatha Gyle (16), Maureen Ann Hodges (26), Cynthia Devore (20), Nondace “Noni” Cervantes (26), and Christine Lotus Adams (35).

Typically he would pickup his victims before taking them to a secluded spot and murdering them. He’d usually use a mini-bottle of vodka to make a screwdriver drink at each of the crime scenes and this helped tie him to the bodies.

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Rogers was convicted of six murders and given the death penalty multiple time, though these have been repeatedly vacated by the Oregon Supreme Court.

Grave Secrets airs on Tuesdays at 9:00 – 10:00 PM on Investigation Discovery. 

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