Grave Mysteries spotlights murder of mail-order bride Anastasia King by her husband Indle King

This week Grave Mysteries examines the callous murder of mail-order bride Anastasia by her husband Indle King.

Indle King Jr. was a high flyer when he was young being an Eagle Scout, playing state championship tennis and then getting a MBA from the University of Chicago.

However, as his weight increased he started looking online to find a mail-order bride. He soon got his wife but his marriage to a Russian woman only lasted four years and she divorced him sighting abuse.

His second wife, Anastasia King, was from Kyrgyzstan and only 18-years-old, compared with him now being nearly 38. Again he met her online and her parents had high hopes he would give their daughter plenty of support.

Things soon went badly and Anastasia’s diaries pointed to abusive behaviour and King controlling all aspects of her life. Eventually King became convinced she was about to divorce him and he was determined to avoid that happening again.

He enlisted the help of his friend and boarder Daniel Larson to help murder Anastasia and King held his wife down whilst Larson strangled her with a neck tie.

She was buried in a grave on a garbage dump near Marysville.

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At first King pled innocence and said his wife had abandoned him during a trip abroad.

However, detectives were suspicious and eventually after months of pressuring Larson, he led them to the young woman’s grave.

The trial saw King’s attempts to get other prisoners and his friends to lie for him and after putting his side of the story the jury found him guilty.

He was eventually sentenced to 28 year in prison for first-degree murder.

Larson initially made a plea deal and was given 20 years, but he tried to challenge it and ended up with 28 years.

Grave Mysteries airs on Tuesdays at 10:00 PM on Investigation Discovery.

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