Grandmother Gail Spencer was raped and murdered in a scheme to steal millions from her work

This week Your Worst Nightmare examines the tragic case of Gail Spencer, a grandmother who was raped and murdered as part of a scheme to rob the place where she worked.

2012 in Macon, Georgia, and 58-year-old grandmother Gail Spencer failed to turn up at lawyers office where she worked as a legal assistant.

Some of her co-workers became concerned and called the police, who soon found her body in her home, where she’d been sodomozed and then suffocated to death.

The crime shocked the locals and police began an urgent investigation that soon turned up a family of suspects who would soon admit their guilt in a plot to steal millions.

Tracy Michelle Jones had a plan to wire millions of dollars from the lawyers office but needed to get Gail out of the way. To this end she recruited her boyfriend 18-year-old Michael Brett Kelly to hold Gail captive at her home, whilst she wired the money to various accounts.

Another man, Keith Anthony Dozier, acted as a lookout and Kelly’s half-sister Courtney Nicole Kelly was also involved. Things became murderous when Kelly started raping Gail and then put a bag over head, all while DOzier was nearby in a process that took 20 minutes.

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All four were eventually found guilty and sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole, apart from Courtney Nicole Kelly who was given the chance of release.

Your Worst Nightmare airs on Saturdays at 10:00 PM on Investigation Discovery.

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