Genore Guillory was murdered by her neighbors — The Last 24 spotlights the case

Genore Guillory photo
Genore Guillory was brutally murdered in her home in Clinton, Louisiana. Pic credit: Family photo

The Last 24 on Investigation Discovery features the case of Genore Guillory, who was brutally murdered by her neighbors and two of their associates.

After the death of her boyfriend, the 42-year-old lived alone in her house in Clinton, Louisiana, maintaining several acres of land and taking care of her horses and dogs. It had become overwhelming as Guillory was also working a full-time job at an insurance company called BlueCross and BlueShield; so, she sought out help.

When Phillip and Amy Skipper moved into a broken-down trailer across the street with their infant baby and a teenage boy, John Baillio, she offered to pay them to help her with her land, animals, and repairs around the house.

With the Skipper’s undergoing financial troubles, they took her up on her offer. It was during that time that Guillory developed a relationship with the couple. If they needed extra money for food or diapers, she wouldn’t hesitate to lend a helping hand and that included giving them a vehicle.

About a year later, Guillory opted to make some changes to her $25,000 life insurance policy. Her boyfriend was initially the beneficiary, but she changed it to Phillip and Amy. She wanted to make sure that her land, animals, and the Skippers were taken care of if something were to happen to her. However, Amy’s behavior thereafter may have caused her to second guess her decision.

On June 23, 2000, Amy used Guillory’s home phone to call her at her job. She was angry and began yelling at Guillory because her dog had killed their goat. Apparently, Guillory was supposed to keep an eye on their dog, which was in a kennel, but it somehow got out.

Guillory was stunned that Amy had spoken to her in that manner as she had grown to trust her. She told Amy to get out of her house and leave the keys behind.

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Her co-worker heard the conversation and suggested Guillory change her locks to ensure that Amy doesn’t enter her home again, but it never occurred to her that Guillory’s life would be in danger.

Three days later, when Guillory failed to show up to work, police went to her home and found her dead on her bedroom floor. Guillory’s face had been smashed in, she was shot four times, and stabbed five.

Guillory’s murder case turned cold until one year later when Clinton police received a tip that led to the arrest of Phillip, John, Johnny Hoyt, and his wife, Lisa.

Photo of Genore Guillory murderers
Phillip Skipper (L) Johnny Hoyt (Center) and his wife, Lisa, (R) were three of four people convicted of murdering Genore Guillory. Pic credit: Louisiana Department of Corrections

An investigation revealed that they were members of a white supremacists group. Phillip and his wife pretended to like Guillory to continue to receive money from her. When Amy got into an argument with Guillory, police believed the couple feared she would remove them from her life insurance policy, so Phillip and his group killed her.

Phillip, Johnny, and John were convicted of second-degree murder. Phillip and Hoyt were sentenced to life in prison. John was a minor at the time of the murder and was held at an institution until he is 21. He has since been released.

Lisa was convicted of manslaughter and was sentenced to 25 years in prison.

The Last 24 — Evil Beasts, airs at 11 pm on Investigation Discovery.

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3 years ago

Now, that’s evil… EVIL

3 years ago

Genora was my childhood friend. Her murderers were actually pall bearers at her funeral. Lisa Hoyt brought her baby to the funera. We called her “Gee”. Having grown up in Eunice, LA, we were friends from the womb.

We talked on my 40th bday. She told me she had lived the life she wanted to lead and had no regrets. I think of her often. My ‘international’ friend.

2 years ago

The truest of EVIL!! Trash is what they are just trash….

1 year ago

WOW!! This really broke my heart. I could barely listen to what they did to her. Bless her heart to have to die that way.

1 year ago

Caucasoid trash. You cannot trust them. Look what they also did at the capitol.

Debra Knight
Debra Knight
11 months ago

There is no way that Amy did not know that she was married to a racist, a liar, and a violent man. No way. She knew the danger Genore was in by trusting him. She might not have participated in the murder, but she is guilty as sin. I hope she suffers the rest of her miserable, worthless life even if cannot be in prison. She deserves nothing but pain and misery.

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