Frank Sheridan abused, harassed and threatened to murder his wife Katerina until he was killed in a police shootout: Obsession Dark Desire Investigates

Police tape

Katerina Sheridan, a mail order bride from Siberia, traveled to Atlanta with Frank Sheridan, the man she hoped would be her prince, rescuing her from a hard life in Russia. However, the experience quickly turned from fairy tale to nightmare.

By the time they were married, Sheridan was already treating his new bride like a slave, he insisted on her complete obedience, and he soon began abusing her physically. Eventually, she escaped to a shelter for victims of domestic violence; however, the harassment didn’t end there.

Wherever Katerina went, eyewitnesses spoke of always seeing Sheridan’s distinctive red truck following her.

Sheridan accused her of stabbing him and had officers cart her off to jail; the charges were eventually dropped. He attempted to have her deported, leading Katerina to have a protracted battle with the Immigration and Naturalization Service.

Sheridan had confiscated her birth certificate, passport, and visa, leaving her with no way to prove her identity.

In 2002 a friend of Katerina received a call from a man claiming to be Joel Criswell from the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, the “agent” was looking for info on Katerina. When the shelter contacted the GBI, they discovered there was an agent Criswell based with them, but he had never heard of Katerina. Sheridan was now impersonating law officials.

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Katerina eventually met Jeff Brunot on a dating website. The pair decided to live together, but Sheridan’s harassment continued. He telephoned Katerina, asking her, “are you at home, w***e?” and telling her he’d thought of “a good way to kill” the couple.

When Sheridan cut the brake lines to her car just before Christmas in 2002 he telephoned to ask her if she enjoyed her gift. At this point, Katerina and Jeff realized that Frank was becoming very dangerous, and they started to make plans to move out of the state.

When Sheridan sent Jeff an email containing a video of Katerina posing in sexual positions, the police realized they’d enough evidence to search his house. It was through this search that they finally gained the evidence they needed to charge Frank with aggravated stalking.

Sheridan spent some time in jail but was released on probation after a few months. When in June 2004, he stole a blank credit card check from Jeff’s mailbox, the police went to arrest him for violating his probation.

When the police finally found the abuser, he pulled a gun from his truck and started shooting. After a gunfight where 25 shots were exchanged, Sheridan lay dead.

Katerina’s nightmare was finally over.

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