Fatal Vows spotlights the devious murder of Linda Yancey by her former-deputy husband

This week Fatal Vows looks at the murder of Linda Yancey, who was shot dead by her former sheriff deputy husband in a devious plot to blame another man.

June 9, 2008, and 44-year-old sheriff deputy Yancey and 23-year-old Guatemalan laborer Marcial Cax-Puluc are found shot to death.

Yancey was a mother of two and had been with her husband Derrick Yancey since high school in what was a seemingly perfect marriage.

Her husband comes under suspicion and is placed under house arrest, though he later flees to Belize before being recaptured in 2009.

At the trial Yancey’s lawyers claimed that Cax-Puluc had attempted to rob Yancey’s wife and shot her dead in the process. In self defence the former-deput had then shot the Guatemalan.

However, the jury did not believe him and after the four day trial they decided he’d planned to kill his wife and then use Cax-Puluc as a stooge to blame for the murder.

Yancey was sentenced to two life sentences plus five years to be served consecutively.

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Fatal Vows airs on Saturdays at 10:00 PM on Investigation Discovery. 

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