Exclusive: Town left in terror as tragedies continue on Village of the Damned

Dryden, New York, and the surrounding areas were blighted by a string of tragedies and murders in the decade beginning 1989 — earning it the nickname Village of the Damned.

Now a five-part series of the same name on Investigation Discovery is investigating its chilling past. Last week’s premiere episode focused on the horrific massacre that claimed an entire family — Tony and Delores Harris and their children, 15-year-old Shelby and 11-year-old Marc — two days before Christmas, on December 23, 1989.

Now in our exclusive clip the town is reeling in the wake of their deaths, fearful of what might happen next. As one resident says in an interview: “How are people even going to be able to look at their neighbors now, let alone trust them?”

Just weeks later in February 1990, police receive a call from two-year-old Aliza May Bush’s mother Christine Lane, saying that her daughter is missing in nearby Lansing, NY.

Neighbors search for her for 13 days, before her mother reveals she has received one of her daughter’s pink mittens in the mail. But everything may not be as it seems.

Tonight’s episode also looks at another tragedy three years later after a young woman named Kirsten Clark awoke to witness the terrifying murder of her friend Scott Hume.

Watch our exclusive sneak peek at this week’s Village of the Damned below:

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Village of the Damned airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on Investigation Discovery.

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