Exclusive: Rape victim Liz Seccuro opens up about horror ordeal on Vanity Fair Confidential

Rape victim Liz Seccuro opens up about horror ordeal on Investigation Discovery series Vanity Fair Confidential tonight.

Liz was attacked by William Beebe at University of Virginia in 1984 — but it was more than 20 years before she was able to seek justice, when he sent her a letter of apology in which he identified himself.

He was sentenced to 10 years in prison, but all but two and a half of them were suspended and he ended up serving less than six months.

In our exclusive Vanity Fair Confidential clip, Liz reveals the obstacles she came up against following the attack.

She says: “When I followed up with the Dean of Students, he was like ‘well I talked to the young man in question and he says it was consensual’ — like everything I’ve been saying is absolutely discounted.

“Shortly after I was told that William Beebe had left, so he was no longer a threat to me. ‘He’s no longer at UVA, so what are you worried about?'”

The episode then looks at how Liz pressed the university police to investigate, and recalls the moment she received the letter from Beebe all those years later. It also looks at the national outrage surrounding UVA that erupted in 2014, following Rolling Stone’s now retracted story, “A Rape On Campus.”

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Vanity Fair Confidential, produced by Truly Original and Condé Nast Entertainment, takes an in-depth look into some of the magazine’s most shocking stories. Watch our exclusive clip from tonight’s episode, Shadows on the Lawn, below:


Vanity Fair Confidential airs Mondays at 9/8c on Investigation Discovery. 

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